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Sunday, 16 August 2009, 06:01
I'll hop to wordpress for the time being.
Blogger is just being an ass.


Will be back. (((((((((:

Saturday, 15 August 2009, 19:30
Blogger's getting on my nerve.

14 August 2009
(Last day of Emrs round 2)

It's really heart aching to know that after 6pm our admin card will be deactivated. The video that Mr. Ronald Chong prepared. The "Thank you" speech I recieved from him. The hugs I recieved from Emrs people. This marks the end of our nine weeks in this working place.

"Don't cry because it's gone, smile because it happened"
(I'm gonna remember this sentence for life.)

Went for Sakura buffet with the batch of Emrs's idiots. Then rebel and zirca for a night chill out. Oh ya, Billy, Kenneth and a korean guy (forget his name) joined us. Now I know the reason why I hate to club. I dislike dancing at the dance floor. I'll just stone and stone, or maybe shake abit. ha, dumbass. Definitely a fun night out with them. Pictures all at FB! Though i'm not in the picture for rebel&zirca, but I'm there! hahaha. Okay byebye.


Sunday, 2 August 2009, 08:30
Seoul Garden night with emrs peeps!

Ben, Yl, Hongt, Don, Randy, Pq, Serena, Lily, Min, Eugene, Haq & Han. :)

While everyone was resting and cam whoring, These two bitches continued to eat.
They won the guys some more! Woho.

Like i said, I really enjoyed the night out with them. The jokes despite it's horny corny.
Randy said, I really don't mind if I've 1 year of emrs, though it's 9.30am to 5.00pm everyday. Yeah, I don't mind too. We've fun in the project room everyday. We work when it supposed. We play when we finished our part. Two weeks left before we parted. I hope everything remain like how we are now. I hope, we won't be just a hi-bye friend in the future. I hope, we're able to meet out and chill like we've last Friday.


Saturday, 1 August 2009, 09:11

So far this is the first weekend I didn't spend the day out with my family. Mommy wanna stay at home today, make everyone stay at home with her too. haha. Love you mommy. Only managed to step out at eight pm to catch pasta mania for dinner with Bear. I'm kinda not use to it, to see Northpoint for being so upgraded. Manhattan fish market some more leh. haha, okay fine. I bought a G2000 shirt for daddy while shopping at Northpoint. Shop at Northpoint, crazy. Anyway, happy lily reached home and shouted. "Dad, you see! See what I've bought! A shirt, dad!" The next second, he ran away and pushed the bag away. "I don't want. You must have some motives!" :( I don't have daddy. I bought it because it's cheap and nice. Sighs.


Friday, 31 July 2009, 23:18
Blogger trying to give me problem again. Better get well soon before I recieved the pictures we took on friday night.

Friday was a hectic day for me. Was choosen as the cashier thingy for personal selling. Didn't consume any food for the whole day. From nine thirty am to six thirty pm, my eyes stared nothing but moolah and more moolah. I had never handled sucha big amount of cash before! If only those was mine... Haha, At the end of the day, I was totally steamed. lol. The tally and stuffs were giving hell life. Surplus of three bucks isn't a good thing either! Hope it doesn't affect my grades. Changed quickly and hoped into the car and off we left to meet the rest at bugis for a steamboat session. We should take the train next time. Parking lots are full everywhere. Only managed to get off at nine pm. Grrr.. Feeling really guilty because we made the rest to wait for like... don't know how long lar. So sorry my bunch of idiotics. (: But we've hell lots of fun with corny topics. Haha, And It's my first time trying cooked beef slice with raw egg. Okay, i puke out. I'm sorry if you're a lover of beef & raw eggs. I just simply don't like the smell of raw eggs. hahaha. But nice try lar, I'm steady hohoho. HA! (Inside joke). We went to chill somewhere; and I don't know where is it exactly. Nice place to chill especially with a bunch of jokers.

It's been long since I've sooo much fun.
I'm gonna miss this bunch of idiotics and jokers soon.

Min, love you. (:

Monday, 27 July 2009, 08:22
I wanted to blog so much for the past few days, yet the blogger don't allow.
Now i wanna blog something, but i don't know what to blog.

With my 5mega pixel hand phone camera, isn't it look as good as those high quality cameras? haha, okay I'm just joking. Anyway this picture was taken at changi beach. Daddy brought us there for a breeze walk on Saturday after our dinner at changi village. Licking our ice cream, staring at the so closed-up aeroplanes. Mommy was telling us, "Time flies. One year ago, we're there to board the plane for our Taiwan trip." Never mind mommy. As long as the four of us spend time well with one another. The place doesn't matter. I love you k?

After the long breeze walk, Kallang Leisure Mall for grocery. It turned up to be our family's weekly habit. Sunday dad brought us to some vegetable farm. And yea, buy vegetables again. haha, my friends named me vegetable aunty. Whatever. It's a healthy activity, is not like I club every weekends. That's not me. haha. Oh my god, I'm freezing.
Farmart in the evening, foods suck. Beyond any words.

1) Didn't go for work today. Guilt.
2) I heard they're busy clearing the fixtures room now. :(
3)Poor thing people, you'll have my moral support yea. haha.
4) School's waffle nice!
5) Morning breakfast awaiting. IMBreakfast.
6) Private clinic has free laptops and Internet. Cool, but bored.
7) Everything'll turn out fine.
8) I love you, mommy.
9) Sorry daddy, quarrelled with you early in the morning.
10) I love you, daddy.
11) But your temper sucks. haha.
12) Still, Lily loves you many many.
13) Work hard dad!
14) Earn more and spend more on me.
15) Last but not least, thank you v v v v much.

16) Super Junior so cute.
17) I'm so random, i know.

Bored, y'know.

Friday, 24 July 2009, 20:30

I'm waiting for peektures of the events.
But for now, i'm happy to say that we've hit the target.
Thanks everyone for being so cooperative and understanding. Thanks!